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Chic and Cheap DIY Chanel Wall Decor

Chic and Cheap DIY Chanel Wall Decor

So you've moved out, realized how expensive toilet paper is, and occasionally steal food from your parents house #shameless. The last thing you want to be doing is spending money on apartment decor so your place doesn't look like a retired frat house. TBH, that money would be better spent on truffle fries and tequila shots anyways. To solve this 20 something burden, we've made a mess at our backyard to help you create your own DIY-Chic-AF Chanel Wall Decor. 

Step 1: 

Print out the perfume bottle you want to mimic to help you sketch out the base of your design. Draw the printed image onto another piece of paper. This will act as a guide when you transfer the drawing onto the canvas.

Step 2:

Lightly draw the perfume bottle onto the canvas. TIP: Do not use a regular pencil to sketch out your drawing. Graphite does not erase easily on canvas. Use a charcoal pencil that is NOT compressed for best results. This way, your sketch marks can easily be erased with a damp cloth or painted over. 

Step 3:

Trace your sketch on the canvas with mod podge glue using a thin brush. Be sure to trace one section at a time to prevent the glue from drying. Once a section is done, pour a generous amount of glitter over the area and repeat until the whole painting is done.

Step 4:

As you wait for your painting to dry, spray your fake butterflies with a matte black spray paint. These will be the bigger butterflies that go on the artwork. 

Step 5:

Take some black construction paper and punch out a good amount of small butterflies. Fold half of these butterflies vertically. Layer a folded butterfly over a flat butterfly and glue the middle portion together to create a 3-D effect. 

Step 6:

When the glitter feels dry, dust off the excess glitter and fix any missing gaps. Next, carefully trace over the lettering with black paint. 

Step 7:

Place the big and small butterflies accordingly on your canvas and hot glue them down once you are happy with the placements. Next, mount the canvas onto the wall and use double sided tape to secure the other half of the butterflies on the wall.

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