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Valentine's Day Inside Heart Cupcake

Valentine's Day Inside Heart Cupcake

February, the month that guys dread because roses and chocolates cost $90 and their firstborn child. Meanwhile, girls are gushing over aw-he-is-such-a-good-bf pictures on facebook while others get wasted and try to flirt with the bald bartender (Don't do it ladies... you are worth the hair!)

Honestly, I feel like all stores take advantage of this holiday by increasing their prices on everything. Oh heart shaped lettuce cups are now a thing on Pinterest? That will be $18.99 per lettuce head. Cash or Kidney? 

My point: Avoid all the drama and have a small get together with your friends to celebrate the love and friendship you share with one another! Cocktails and desserts are required, guys are optional. Speaking of desserts, one of my favorite things to bake during Valentine's Day are these cupcakes that have a heart center! 

step 1:

Use whichever cake mixture you would like for your base and bake (3) cupcakes in the oven. Next, crumble the cupcakes into a mixing bowl and add (1) tablespoon of cake mixture with (1) teaspoon of water. 

step 2:

Add your desired food coloring for the heart into the bowl and mix the batter until the color is evenly spread out. The consistency of the batter should now be somewhat moldable. 

step 3:

Take (1) teaspoon of batter and roll it into a small ball. Roll one end of the ball into a point and take something cone shaped and push it into the top (The shape should resemble somewhat of a strawberry). 

step 4:

Next, scoop (2) tablespoons of your cake mix into your favorite cupcake liners. Bake this batch for only 4-5 minutes until the batter is somewhat baked, but not completely. Stick the hearts you just made (point down) into your cupcakes and add (1) tablespoon of mixture over the entire cupcake. Bake for another 5-6 minutes until golden brown. 

step 5:

Let your cupcakes cool and then frost them with your favorite frosting. Now the cool part... cut your cupcake in half and you will see a cute pink heart in the middle! The reason why I prefer this method vs. using a heart stencil for the center peice is so you can cut the cupcake from any angle and still see the heart.  Have fun my loves! xoxo


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