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6 Myths about LA

6 Myths about LA

Los Angeles- AKA the City of Angeles, the sunshine city, where people come to "make it", where traffic is to blame for everything. Whatever you know it as, there is no denying that there is some sort of stereotype that comes with this city. You may ask "Then why doesn't anybody say anything?" The answer is simple- Ain't nobody got time for that. But I'm going to rack up some brownie points and let you in on 6 little secrets!

1. Hollywood is where the celebrities are at

Myth: Celebrities are rarely spotted in Hollywood, unless it's for an event at a private venue. Who can blame them, the streets are practically filled with bums and hot dog stands for those late night munchies. There is honestly nothing glam about Hollywood. It is filled with "historic" venues that was once the creme de la creme. Besides, the "Big Six" film studios know better than to place themselves in the heart of Sunset Blvd, where tourists are taking selfies with Britney Spears look-a-likes.

2. We DON'T EAT, WE JUST juicE

Myth: Sure, we go on our #cleaneating #detoxday #ijustcamebackfromvegas seshes, but we don't just consume solids like a hamster and rely on these juices 24/7. LA is known for having incredible restaurants and chefs, all for what- yelp? Besides, we need food to sustain the alchy we are drinking. Nobody wants to be the girl who passes out like bitch. Not cute. 

3. we are all snobby & rude

Myth: It's called the resting bitch face. Some people are just born with it, like that is physically their face. I don't make fun of your 6th toe, you leave my face alone. On the other hand, we all have places to go and people to see. Are we bitches to our friends and acquaintances, No. Heck we practically invented the tipping system. 

4. We are tan because we don't have DAY jobs

Myth: I'm sorry, but do you see a sign that says "Los Angeles- closed Monday-Wednesday". Nope- you know why? Because that latte you got at Starbucks required a barista, that sweater you got on Melrose required a cashier, and that billboard you saw for Ride Along 2 required an advertising agency, all of which operate during the day. The truth is, most of us are always tan because of tanning salons. 

5. Everybody is in the entertainment industry

Myth: While LA is known for its entertainment scene, not everybody is an model, actor, or mactor (yes- we call them mactors if they are trying to do both). DTLA houses some of the biggest investment firms, while Westwood/UCLA is known for its top medical facilities. Do we even need to talk about the culinary industry here? 

6. the rich and famous all shop on rodeo drive

Myth: You will spot a random European or Asian dude before you find any celebrities #touristsfordays. Even the natives avoid this area. If someone from the 90120 is there, it is most likely because YSL charges a hefty shipping fee for any exchanges or returns. More importantly, the rich and famous either have personal stylists, or have the outfit made from the designers themselves. 


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