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2016 Coachella Survival Guide

2016 Coachella Survival Guide

Assuming you have all your travel plans and to-camp-or-not-to-camp decisions figured out, the next thing to establish is what to wear and what to pack. Wear too much, you will be sweating like a peanut for the next 3 days. Pack to little, and you find yourself needing floss, but drunkenly decide that using your own hair will suffice. No, that is not a life hack. With that noted, let's move on to the list of essentials!



Tanks (thin straps)-

What's worse than not getting a tan? Fixing a tan on certain parts of your body. Therefore, razor back tanks and other muscle tanks are a no go- unless you are trying to look like you just got back from 7th period track. Stick to strap sizes that resemble a bikini top that shouts i-just-came-back-from-somewhere-tropical-and-fruity.

Shorts or maxi skirt-

It's like really freaken hot.

Comfortable Shoes -

This isn't the Oscars- put your heels away. Comfort goes a long way at this festival, so any type of sandals or tennis shoes will do. If you MUST wear heels, make sure to go with a thicker heel or a platformed shoe so you don't sink into the grass like a sprinkler. 

Sunglasses -

Sunglasses are the new flower crowns. Once we realized we no longer wanted to look like a grown ass flower girl, we slowly diverted to showing our personalities via stunna shades. And did I mention you aren't going to see shit without them?

Watch -

Counting down the minutes Calvin Harris hits the stage is crucial! Especially if you aren't at the stage yet because the line for crab fries is RIDIC. If you are thinking about leaving the line- DON'T! Calvin will be on Spotify, but where will the crab fries be?! :O I digress...Anyways, wearing a watch will not only save you batteries on your phone, but also double up as a fashion accessory.

Mini Backpack or Crossbody -

Enough to put all of your crap, but not drag you down when you are running and screaming towards Selena Gomez. Airodynamics is key.  



Cash -

You can't be poor at Coachella. Besides, you will need plenty of water to stay hydrated! Don't rely on the ATM machine's because that line will be longer than the DMV. Trust, the transaction fees are basically charged per kidney. 

Phone Charger -

Regardless if you have the iPhone 9s, your phone will die. Bringing a mini portable charger will come in handy when you are at 2% and the lighting for your selfie with Zedd is on. point. 

Eye Drops -

With all the god-knows-what particles flying around, having your favorite eyedrops on hand will help brighten up your look!

Chapstick -

You know that song Summertime Sadness? Lana Del Rey was basically talking about the feels she had when she saw a cute boy, but not being able to go for that kiss because of her dry ass lips. Don't be the walking exfoliator in your group. 

Compact Mirror + blotting sheets -

Whether your falsies are in the midst of falling, a nat flew into your eye, or you are discovering shit in your mouth, it is crucial to have a compact mirror so you know what the hell is going on. Blotting sheets are necessary so the lighting crew doesn't mistaken your forehead as one of their props.

Gum -

The blazing heat can totally give you dry mouth. And it's not like you have an expandable toothbrush coming out of your phone like a stylist, so yeah bring gum.

Band-Aids -

Shit happens. 


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