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Find Your Hidden Facebook Messages

Find Your Hidden Facebook Messages

We all like to feel loved. And when I say loved I mean: Having more followers than following, clicking attending but not really going, constantly refreshing your photo to see if the likes go up. I see you trying to hide your smirk :D Don't lie... we've all been there one way or another. 

What if we told you ARE loved, but you just didn't know it! :O
Soooooo apparently Facebook does this voodoo filtering thing that decides which messages even show up in your inbox in the first place!

We just checked ours and realized we missed out on a couple of booty calls, some textbook sales, and a whole lot of whatsups. Check out these step by step instructions below to uncover all your hidden messages! We warn you... you might feel a little TOO loved if you know what I mean #creepersbecreppin 

step 1. Find your Profile (iOS) / Settings (Android) section

step 2. Click on Message Requests

step 3. Click on See Filtered Requests

step 4. Behold, your hidden facebook messages


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